Secret Bra


Secret Bra

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 The Secret Bra is designed to provide cleavage and support, all while remaining invisible under clothing.

It works without heavy straps that hurt our shoulders, no back bands that create bulges and no visible front. No front - No back - No straps. 



100% Adjustable Size - The bra is designed to fit all breast types. No need to worry about size.

100% Discreet - Discretion is one of our strengths, we hide this bra under clothing, making it perfect for necklines that plunge in the middle of the torso.



DISCRETOUS - Designed to remain hidden under clothing. Extremely durable and comfortable as it flows with your body as you move. You can squat, sit, dance, etc.

Push up paddles adjust to your specific shape and feels like your hands are holding it. The bra should conform to your specific shape for comfort and proper fit



VOLUME PADS - The pads fully adjust to any breast size.

These pads are a must-have to ensure the comfort of your bra.

ANTI-SLIP SILICONE STICKERS - You must apply the four stickers to both the paddles and the pads for the bra to work! The stickers will last for many uses. The grip can be reactivated with a little water and wipe dry.   



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