MaxShave™ - Portable Mobile Shaver


MaxShave™ - Portable Mobile Shaver

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Shave anytime, anywhere with MaxShave™.!

With this portable magnetic mobile shaver, you can shave faster, easier and more effective. The shaving head can close to the face according to the uneven contour of the face, so you can shave more closely and comfortably.

Small size, easy to carry, so you can shave whenever you are on the go. The mobile shaver is easy to carry and safe to use, as long as the phone is still charged, it can be used at any time.

Advantages of MaxShave™

✔️ High quality: It has a razor blade net and it is polished by a special process with a smooth surface and no metal burrs, Fit different facial contours, Built-in 4500-rpm motor, shave more thoroughly.

✔ Safe and comfortable: It comes with precision blade technology and double ring mesh, which can be adjusted to the contours of your skin on the face, neck, hands and legs.

✔ Friendly design: this portable magnetic cell phone shaver 90° bend design that fits tightly into the phone, no need to charge, no power consumption.

✔ Easy to use: It is compatible with Type-C, Micro and USB + Micro interfaces, Small size, you can trim your beard anytime, anywhere and always be cool and handsome.

✔ Easy cleaning: Disassemble design between the shaving head and the shaver body makes it easy to install and open to clean


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