Joint support kneepads, knee brace, knee brace


Joint support kneepads, knee brace, knee brace

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Features knee support brace

✔️ Fully adjustable for any size.
✔️ Breathable neoprene fabric.
✔️ Support for genuflection movements.
✔️ Suitable for inside or outside of pants.

Don't let your knees suffer

Genuflections and squats often put a lot of pressure on our knees. That's why, as we get older, we feel more pain in those joints. With this knee support brace, you'll give your knees that extra support they need so badly - your legs will be 20 years old again!

Knee-in with comfort and security

In addition to providing you with the ideal support for the most delicate movements, these knee pads are comfortable. They are covered with neoprene fabric to ensure softness and perfect breathability. This will prevent sweating and itching.

Easy to use

Putting on these joint support knee pads is very easy:

The longer half goes on top.
Wrap the tape around the top of your knee and hook it into the corresponding hole on the other side.
Attach the Velcro
Adjust the pressure as you see fit.

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