EasyInstaller Faucet & Sink Tool™


EasyInstaller Faucet & Sink Tool™

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The extra-long design makes it easier to turn hard-to-reach fastening nuts!

Our faucet and sink installer is suitable for supply nuts, shut-off valves, strainer baskets, supply line nuts, faucet nuts. The open slot allows easy access to existing supply lines such as faucets, sinks, water heater pipes, water basins and so on.

Faucet wrench allows easy access over existing utility lines so you can work sitting outside the cabinet.




Lightweight and durable

The sink installer tool is 0.62 lb, lightweight ABS and high strength zinc alloy material made it strong, durable, and not easy to deform.





Labor saving design

With a labor-saving hole, it makes the rotation easier. and the sink installation tool can help you easily avoid awkward angle rotation without scratching the appearance of the faucet and sink.




Removable head

The innovative folding design is especially suitable for small spaces, short distances and pipe corners. The head and tail are removable, so that even tight spaces can be easily managed.




Collapsible design

Das faltbare Design erleichtert das Drehen von schwer zugänglichen Befestigungsmuttern an Wasserhähnen, Brausen und Kugelhähnen. Einfach die Position einrasten und schnell drehen, dann die vom Wasserhahn installierte Mutter ersetzen.



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