Fungicide™ Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray (2+1 FREE!)


Fungicide™ Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray (2+1 FREE!)

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Say goodbye to thick, discolored and cracked toenails!

Fungicide™ is specially formulated to eliminate toenail fungus, treat infections and improve the appearance of thick, cracked nails through its anti-inflammatory agents and bio-enzymes by uprooting deep-seated bacteria and fungal spores to stop their reproductive cycle.





Advantages of Fungicide™

✓ Anti-fungal: Fungicide™ effectively eliminates cracking and burning caused by fungus on toenails, nail beds and cuticles. It also prevents future recurrence and spread of fungus to other nails.

✓ Safe formula: Fungicide™ is chemical free and non-invasive. It is enriched with undecylenic acid and plant extracts to cure the infection without side effects.

✓ Fast result: It works as a fast and effective home remedy that provides visible results within 1-2 weeks. However, individual results may vary.

✓ Easy to use: You can use the fungus treatment for nails anytime and anywhere. Simply spray 3-4 times on the affected area after showering.

✓ Rehydration: Regular use moisturizes the skin to prevent cracking and peeling of the feet. It also relieves painful toes and inflammation. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties deodorize smelly feet.





- Net content: 60 ml

- Ingredients: herbal extract

- Duration of action: 1 - 2 weeks


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