CleanxPro™ 8 in 1 Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun


CleanxPro™ 8 in 1 Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun

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A fun way to water plants, lawns, patios, wash cars and shower pets!

Do you find watering your garden tedious or washing your car a tedious task? Worry no more because this high pressure hose nozzle foam gun offers you the best and latest features to fit your lifestyle!

CleanxPro™ has 8 different spray modes and an integrated soap dispenser. Perfect for all your cleaning needs! Now you can save time and clean quickly and easily. Best for watering plants, lawns, patios, washing cars and showering pets..

Advantages of CleanxPro™

✔ Multi-purpose sprayer: This simple and convenient high pressure sprayer is best for watering plants, lawn, patio as well as washing cars and showering pets etc.

✔ High pressure hose nozzle: CleanxPro™ has 8 sprayers and one soap dispenser. The high pressure design technology can concentrate the water pressure at one point and the spraying distance can reach 6-10 meters.

✔ No Slip Grip: The handle is non-slip, and the trigger and head are both revised to ensure you can be comfortable when using this beautiful hand gun.

✔ Built-in Soap Dispenser: With the combination of detergent bottle and soap dispenser, you no longer need to prepare extra bucket of foaming water when washing. You just need to put the detergent into the bottle and adjust the amount of foam with the rotary switch.

✔ Durable Construction: This CleanxPro™ is made of high quality materials and super durable construction for a lifetime of use.

Material: ABS + Plastic
Size: Approx. 21*15cm
Weight: 235g


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