Sank Magic™ Notebooks

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Sank Magic™ Notebooks

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (267 Reviews)

Jessica T. and 266 others liked this product

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Have you ever had a problem trying to teach your children?

Sometimes it's hard. But you can't blame them: sometimes it's really hard to concentrate. Lucky for you, we've found the solution for this!

An unconventional but interesting form of preschool education

Preschool education is always considered vital. And it is when it is easiest to correct the posture of holding the pen and the method of writing. The interesting activities in the workbook will provide hours of educational fun for your child. Packed with fun, effective and practical exercises, each page of the preschool workbook helps children acquire valuable hand-eye coordination and other pre-writing skills.

Writing disappears automatically after drying

With each notebook, we give you a set of pencil grippers to facilitate and correct the grip. The writing will disappear in 15 minutes after writing, so the notebook can be reused. There are 1 pen holder and 5 pen cores, and children can practice for a long time.

English alphabet notebook

The English letter notebook helps your children acquire basic English handwriting skills and write beautiful words.

 Number notebook

Letter tracing exercises help your child to recognize numbers and acquire pre-writing skills.


Perfect for your children to recognize everyday signs and shapes, and to awaken their interest in painting.

Arithmetic notebook

A notebook full of fun and simple addition and subtraction exercises, with explanatory drawings perfect to help your child understand these operations, in addition to solidly establish the most basic principles of mathematics.  

A set of 4 Practice Notebooks includes one of each of the notebooks mentioned above.

Designed to keep your children busy and happy

A great tool for early education, develop essential skills while having fun with our preschool workbooks! This series of workbooks contains a variety of exercises that will help your child develop the hand-eye coordination skills that are necessary to learn to write clearly.

Save money on the Second Unit!

Do you have more than one child you would like to give Magic Sank to? Or maybe you would like your little one to learn about various subjects? Take advantage of our special discount for the second unit. Simply add more than one unit of any of the product variants and you will see the discount applied in the cart.


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