HealthySmile® 360° toothbrush for children (1+1 free!)


HealthySmile® 360° toothbrush for children (1+1 free!)

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Do you find it difficult to teach your children to brush their teeth?

Children aged 3 to 14 leave about 50% of bacteria on their teeth when they brush with conventional toothbrushes. All these hard-to-reach bacteria form plaque, which leads to serious dental problems; such as tooth decay or gum disease.

Brushing with a regular toothbrush can be painful for children and they often refuse to do it or don't do it properly. With our HealthySmile® toothbrush, you will learn the importance of a healthy mouth in a fun and healthy way.


Advantages of HealthySmile®

✓ 100% quality: The silicone toothbrush is waterproof, which guarantees that the HappyTeeth™ will last a very long time. Nothing will rust inside. HappyTeeth™ will keep its function and appearance!

✓ Various functions: The HealthySmile® is used to care for the teeth, but also to massage the gums. HappyTeeth™ helps prevent bad breath and bleeding gums.

✓ Beautiful design: The very appearance of the HappyTeeth™ makes dental care much more fun. This is every child's favorite toothbrush!


Dimensions: 4.5 cm x 9 cm | 5cm x 12cm
Variety: 2-6 years | 6-12 years
Colors: pink and blue

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