Hand plant binder

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Hand plant binder

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Jessica T. and 266 others liked this product

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An indispensable tool for gardeners.


The Hand Plant Tying Machine is the perfect tool for quickly and easily tying trees, vines and nursery plants to stakes or trellis wires. This easy-to-use tool features a sturdy design with a built-in cutter, tying strap and staples. With its light weight and compact size, the Hand Plant Tying Machine is perfect for traveling.



Save time and labor costs

The Hand Plant Tying Machine is a great tool for any garden, greenhouse or garden shed. It quickly and easily ties plants to stakes or trellises without damaging them, making it a fast and efficient way to secure plants. It will save you DAYS of time if you had to do it by hand. Plus, the adjustable band circle fits all types of plants, so you can use it for a variety of different crops.



High work efficiency for busy gardeners

Perfect for those who want to make gardening easier and more efficient. The hand plant tying machine is lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for gardening on the go. It has high working efficiency, so you can get the job done quickly and easily. Tie plants and let your garden thrive the way it should! Get the Hand Plant Tying Machine now and enjoy efficient, fast and easy gardening today!




✓ Extensive use: Applicable to all kinds of branches, vines harvest such as grape, tomato, cucumber, melon, eggplant, and so on.

✓ Complete accessories: Comes with 3 rolls of tape & 1 box of staples, so you can use the tools immediately, no need to order staples.

✓ Easy operation: one-hand operation, this tying machine can easily tie plants to support canes and lines. easy operation, high efficiency, will not damage the plant.

✓ Adjustable tape circle: The opening of the tape circle can be adjusted at any time, depending on how much you need each time, which can fit different plants.

✓ High efficiency: A great tool to have in a greenhouse, garden or garden shed. Improves your efficiency, saves labor costs and also saves time




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