Garden Owls

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Garden Owls

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Jessica T. and 266 others liked this product

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Our products are as advertised, equipped with a pole, you can be sure to buy. Restores all the details and sizes of the real bird!

The windmills have flexible joints, so they can sway in the wind even when the wind is light.

This great piece is great to watch rock back and forth. When the wind hits it, it starts to rock, and when it does, the wings slowly move up and down as if the eagle is in flight.

The part is very well made. The wings move on bearings, so there is no metal on metal movement there. The eagle sits on top of the stake, but is also secured with a bolt. The whole stake has a large 6-prong stake to keep it secure in the ground. It also has very good weight, the balance ball underneath the eagle is completely solid and adds a lot of weight to hold the piece down.

In addition, it is also multi-level powder coated to allow for safe outdoor use and protection from the elements. Our customers have used this piece not only as decoration, but also in their gardens to scare away intruding animals.

Each piece is handmade, so sometimes there are some differences with the picture, please forgive me. If you are not satisfied with all the colors we design, you can design your own colors and email us. We will adopt your feedback and quickly make new color products.

Including the stake, they measure from 25 inches to 45 inches.

For the length of Bird Balancer, please refer to the following figure.


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