MaxShape® - Reducing Lingerie

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Jessica T. and 266 others liked this product

MaxShape® - Reducing Lingerie

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (267 Reviews)

Jessica T. and 266 others liked this product

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Feel confident and comfortable in any outfit, reducing your measurements instantly.

We all have those beautiful clothes that when it comes to put them on unfortunately we do not feel confident...

Don't let this insecurity end up affecting your personal, professional or any other possible area.

Fortunately, MaxShape® can help.

At Megha Shop we are committed to bringing the best of international trade to solve the everyday problems of Mexicans, in an affordable way.

We have brought this product from overseas for you who are tired of leaving that precious dress in your closet.

You will be able to shape your body, WITHOUT experiencing tightness and WITHOUT getting frustrated with other low quality solutions.

The innovation that will bring self-esteem to your daily life

MaxShape® came to put an end once and for all to the old story that in order to shape your curves and reduce measurements it is necessary to be tense and feel physical discomfort.

It has been developed with exclusive technology to work without damaging the skin, making it comfortable to wear at all times, all day long.

Pressure points are distributed to shape and highlight the beauty of your curves:

Define the waist
Push Up effect on the buttocks
Reduction of the abdomen
In addition, this product does not roll up when you wear it, as it has an anti-roll system inside the fabric.

Adapts to your body and your needs

A good bodysuit should fit and adapt to the wearer

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There are several sizes to fit your body. Just consult the table and buy the one that fits your size.

In addition, the fabric adjusts to the particularities of each one with use.

We asked one of our models to photograph her in a fitting with a dress with and without MaxShape®.

See the comparison below:

Same dress, same woman with MaxShape®...

This is just one of the endless tests of and women who approved MaxShape® results.

Ease of dressing, a few seconds and...
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...and that's it. You are ready for a full day of beautiful and comfortable clothes.

We are very happy to bring this product with exclusivity to all Brazilian women. And to celebrate the success of MaxShape ® we are doing this burnout promotion.

Enjoy and guarantee your while units are still available!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to choose the size?

Just check the table below for the measurements in centimeters for each size. We also have the weight comparison (which is only an estimate) to help


    65-85cm | 90-96cm | 40-50kg | 30cm
    M 75-90cm | 90-105cm | 45-55kg | 32cm
    L 85-95cm | 100-110cm | 55-65kg | 34cm
    XL 95-100cm | 110-120cm | 65-75kg | 36cm
    2XL 100-105cm | 115-125cm | 75-80kg | 38cm
    3XL 105-110cm | 120-130cm | 80-85kg | 40cm
    4XL 110-120cm | 130-140cm | 85-95kg | 42cm


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