Neon Facial Massager

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Neon Facial Massager

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Jessica T. and 266 others liked this product

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4 in 1 Wand High Frequency Electrode with Glass Tube Neon Electrotherapy Acne Spot Remover Acne Spot Remover Home Spa Beauty Device Facial Therapy Wand

The secret to smoother, healthier skin without the salon.
- Neon gas targets the signs of aging.
- Electric current promotes healing of oxygen molecules
- ATP booster massage to improve skin tone
- Supports hair and skin
- 4 wand heads for complete facial care
Glass tubes filled with neon gas for a skin-enhancing facial massage.
The Bright Orange Wand is designed to brighten aging skin. It creates natural heat that targets fine lines and wrinkles and promotes cell turnover.
Gentle electric current has a healing and antibacterial effect.
The energy flow produces enriched oxygen molecules to reduce microbes that cause blemishes and blackheads. Electrotherapy helps to soothe acne by stimulating blood flow and improving circulation.
Amplifies energizing ATP production by up to 5 times.
This natural chemical supports collagen production to improve your skin's elasticity. The treatment leaves you looking more youthful and toned.
High frequency oscillation stimulates hair follicles.
Increases nutrition reaching the scalp, helps reduce dryness and promote healthy growth.
4 interchangeable wand heads for specific skin healing effects.
Stroke the comb through your hair and use the wide end of the wand for your cheeks and forehead. The tongue-shaped wand is perfect for dark circles under the eyes, while the bent tip attachment targets pores and small wrinkles.

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Variable intensity switch for complete control.
No complicated buttons and dials, you can start low and work your way up for a customized face.
Use and care
How to use:
1. Choose 1 of the glass electrode tubes and mount it on the handle.
2. Turn on the power supply and switch.
3. Touch the glass electrode with your hand to determine the power and adjust accordingly.
4. Massage your face or scalp with the tip of the electrode.

After treatment, set the intensity back to "0".
Make sure the machine is turned off and remove the glass tube from the handle.

Indirect method: Suitable for dry and older skins.
- Place the glass tube on the handle.
- Brush the glass tube with a little talcum powder, then turn on the machine.
- Massage the face from neck to chin and from eyes to forehead.
Direct method: Suitable for oily or greasy skin.
First Use balancing oil-cream on the face, then place the chosen electrode and turn on the machine.
Massage the face with a "Z" or helix pattern. Perform the treatment as follows: forehead, nose, right side of the face, chin, left side of the face, nose and then forehead.
Spark method: Suitable for wounds, sore spots and inflammation.
Cover your eyes with a wet cloth and touch the glass tube to the area of irritation for no more than 10 seconds.
It is normal for sparks to appear when the glass tube touches your face.
Hair care method: Suitable for stimulating scalp, reducing folliculitis and improving healthy hair growth.
Use the comb and brush tube in the direction of natural hair growth.
Use with a pilatory oil for the best effect.



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