MiniShave™ Portable Electric Mini Shaver


MiniShave™ Portable Electric Mini Shaver

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You can remove your hair anytime and anywhere!

Shaving, removing leg hair, underarm hair, chest hair, body hair, etc. can be done in one device, only one Mini Portable Electric Shaver is needed at home to groom men and women.

Small in size, you can easily put it in your jeans pocket and take it. Aluminum metal case, non-slip, durable and comfortable. Suitable for air travel, business travel, office, car, on the road, camping, and more.

Advantages of MiniShave™

✔ Better shave: 15 blades sharp stainless steel turbo vortex blade, specializing in hard beard, 0.1mm thin stainless steel foil, double ring 3D blade mesh, increase shaving volume, floating arc surface smooth and stick to the skin, remove hair from the root.

✔ Precise and painless shaving: the motor speed is up to 6600 rpm, which is twice the speed of traditional electric shavers, and the shaving is precise and safe.

✔ Wet and dry use & low noise: It is waterproof and supports full body washing. Immersion waterproof performance, never worry about bacterial residue, dry and wet dual-use, sterile and hygienic.

✔ Fast charging: 2h fast charging, can be used for more than 6h, 99 days. With the USB interface, charging is convenient, and the computer, notebook, mobile power supply, etc. can be charged.


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