FitYou™ - Wireless supportive sports bra


FitYou™ - Wireless supportive sports bra

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No more jiggling and aching breasts!

A bra that supports your breasts and back while you do the things you like best is important for feeling comfortable. It's time for you to use the FitYou™ wireless sports bra.

It prevents your breasts from jiggling and hurting when you play extreme sports or work out. And thanks to the zipper, wearing a comfortable bra has never been so easy!

FitYou advantages

✔ Maximum support of the breasts: Lifts and supports instantly for better posture, without jiggling breasts, while doing your easiest to highest intensity sports or workout.

✔ Perfect for Workout: Perfect for all sports like running, jogging, dancing, cycling, tennis, badminton, yoga and more!

✔ Wireless: Without uncomfortable underwires that do not flatten the bust and still provide a toned look.



✔ Zipper closure: No hassle of pulling and adjusting from head to shoulders to arms as you can wear it like a vest and then zipper it closed.

✔ Adjustable: Patented technology for adjustability, comfort, support and your perfect fit.



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