Abdominal Slimming Patch (10 Units)


Abdominal Slimming Patch (10 Units)

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Accelerate the fat burning process while sitting, sleeping or standing with this wonderful patch.




The slimming patch is designed for people who do not have time to exercise.

It is easy to use and very relaxing.

The slimming patch will gently warm your belly, which will help burn fat and promote a high metabolism to help you lose weight faster.

Use the slimming patch 2 to 4 days per week.




✔️ Safe and effective. The weight loss patch. can improve metabolic system and stimulate fat better. It will help people suffering from thick waist and constipation stay slim and healthy.

✔️ Natural ingredients. Infused with. natural ingredients, these are known for their effectiveness when it comes to shaping. the body: they will tone, firm and tighten body lines. They help you lose inches, make your skin look better and improve the overall appearance of problem areas.

✔️ Easy to use. Peel off the adhesive and place the sticker on or around your belly button. Use daily or once every other day.

✔️ Recommended to alternate with exercise. To optimize results it is advisable to exercise and eat healthy.

✔️ Breathable and comfortable. It will not give you a wet feeling. With good adhesion, can be easily attached with navel.

✔️ Use for 6 to 8 hours every 2 days. It is recommended to use them at night.



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