Clean Tooth™ toothpaste for intensive stain removal


Clean Tooth™ toothpaste for intensive stain removal

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Effectively remove tooth discoloration and bad breath!

Our fluoride-free intensive stain removal toothpaste removes tooth stains and bad breath effectively and flawlessly with 100% safe and natural ingredients. Experience a visible whitening effect after the first use.

With natural herbal extracts and baking soda, the powerful cleaning power of our toothpaste penetrates into the enamel crevices and removes food debris, bacterial plaque and deep stains without harmful abrasives and chemicals as other toothpastes do.

Great news for coffee, tea or smoke lovers. Get a visible whitening effect and full protection for your gums and teeth, including fresh breath!

Advantages of Clean Tooth™

✓ High performance - cleaning and whitening toothpaste - Instantly remove yellowing teeth, stains, tartar and other substances.

✓ Effective results - Get visible white teeth in seconds!

✓ Has NO fluoride, triclosan, peroxide, potassium nitrates or strontium chloride. Suitable for the whole family! Gluten Free & Cruelty Free!

✓ All-round protection - Protects teeth from decay and plaque.

✓ Removes bad breath - Keeps your mouth fresh and clean!

✓ Protects sensitive teeth and gums - The special formula ensures that sensitive teeth are not damaged.

✓ 100% safe and natural - Made from pure baking soda paste and herbal extracts.

✓ Also works with dentures and veneers.


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