Bootie-Lift™ Butt-Lift Shaping Patch Set (1+1 FREE)


Bootie-Lift™ Butt-Lift Shaping Patch Set (1+1 FREE)

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Get a bigger and plumper butt faster and easier!

Our Bootie-Lift™ Shaping Patch Set provides instant tightening with an anti-sagging effect and also improves other butt issues such as flatness, roughness and cellulite. Enriched with natural herbs and hyaluronic acid, the patch effectively and safely improves the firmness and contour of your butt by deeply infusing skin-firming nutrients.

Avoid sagging your butt and maintain its firmness with the essential nutrients these shaping patches provide. It activates collagen renewal to regenerate damaged skin cells and restore your butt.

Advantages of Bootie-Lift™

✔ Increases butt size: A plumper and firmer butt with Bootie-Lift™ that helps lift your butt. Helps to shape your butt to its perfect perkiness, makes you confident to be about it.

✔ Anti-Sagging: Bootie-Lift™ releases essential nutrients for your butt to maintain firmness and a perky look.

✔ No more stretch marks: Eliminate stubborn cellulite formed by fat tissue with the natural collagen Bootie-Lift™ delivers.

✔ Skin rejuvenation: Hydrates and moisturizes your skin. Makes your butt look fresh and round. Eliminates cellulite on the butt, making it smooth and egg-shaped again.

✔ Repairs damaged cells: Stimulates collagen renewal with regular use, preventing sagging of your buttocks.


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